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Reid Brothers Furniture & the Environment

We support the use of plantation and sustainably managed regrowth forests and encourage our clients to opt for timber veneer wherever possible as this maximizes the use of this natural resource. Wood waste from our manufacturing process is minimized and where possible recycled. Our sawdust is collected by locals to mulch the beautiful gardens around Bundanoon!

Being fine furniture makers, we are passionate about trees and sensitive to the needs of the environment. We believe that the use of wood products is often environmentally the best choice as it is a renewable, natural and energy efficient resource. Furthermore, our furniture is built to last more than a lifetime – timeless designs and exceptional craftsmanship mean our furniture can endure, be refurbished, reused and passed down the generations. Few industries that can make this sort of claim to sustainability.

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Phone: +61 2 4883 6788


PO Box 354


Phone: +61 2 4883 6788

PO Box 354,
Bundanoon NSW
2578 Australia